ELX Series Ventilator

ELX Series Ventilator utilizes physics and geometry to achieve the industry's lowest air volumes.

Achieves the most energy savings and efficiency out of all the ventilation systems available

Reduces capital, installation and ongoing operational costs, as it provides industry-leading low air volumes

Optimizes labor as the quieter system helps a kitchen staff’s productivity

Gaylord’s new ELX Series Ventilator utilizes proven laws of physics and geometry to greatly improve air management. It achieves the lowest air volumes by taking advantage of the thermal plume that rises naturally from the cooking process. Plus, our technology makes the ELX Series quieter than any other hood in the industry. And, a quieter kitchen is a more productive kitchen, lessening employee fatigue as well as the chance of miscommunications and accidents.

The result: a ventilation system designed to save the operator energy, boost efficiency and significantly reduce operating costs.

The Science Behind ELX:

  • Rising – studied the naturally rising thermal plume vs. where we wanted it to go
  • Entering – developed a geometric hood configuration to maximize the natural energy
  • Returning – harnessed the energy of the rising plume to accelerate the air into the extractors
  • Holding – applied fluid dynamic laws to conserve energy by keeping air velocities high

By utilizing natural sciences, ELX wins the air war through a passive approach which is simpler and less expensive than other hood systems which rely on active elements like mechanical fans, plenums and jets.

The #1 reason for smoke loss in exhaust hoods is make up air!

Learn more about Gaylord Industries Capture Performance Guarantee.



Unique design helps meet LEED and sustainability goals.

As every CFM saved means reduced energy loads both in exhaust and supply air systems

Brochures, Spec Sheets & Additional Resources

ELX Wall Canopy (ELX)
ELX Double Island (ELX-BB)
ELX Single Island or Cafeteria Style (ELX-BBC-CL)
XGS Extractor
Make-Up Air Plenum Box (PBW)