Utility Distribution System (UDS)

Everything Your Kitchen Equipment Needs To Perform

Fits perfectly between the ventilator and the risers

Single point field connection for all utilities

Cook/chill housing and controls

The distributor is designed for the modern kitchen with the operator's needs in mind.

The Gaylord Distributor™ is a cutting-edge Utility Distribution System (UDS) that's superior to a contractor-built wall—in every way. Designed for today's modern kitchen with the operator’s needs in mind, the Distributor provides every required service—electrical, gas, hot and cold water, steam, condensate return, compressed air and chilled water—to the cooking equipment, all in an attractive, pre-engineered unit. Available in a variety of configurations including island, wall-mounted and ceiling, the Distributor delivers the ultimate in flexibility, expandability, safety, cleanliness and convenience.


Easy Relocation

All electrical and plumbing services can be easily relocated or expanded for rearrangement of the cooking equipment, or adding equipment to an existing line-up

Extra Capacity

Each unit is custom designed with 25% extra capacity to assure space, function, service line compatibility and expandability with your cooking equipment line-up

Improved Rate of Return

Classified as an appliance and—unlike a contractor-built wall—can be put on a seven-year depreciation life, improving the rate of return


Product Features