125+ Certified Service Agents Available

Factory-Trained to Keep Your Kitchen Running

Gaylord's Parts and Service Department provides the ultimate in customer service and the best possible solutions for your needs. Our 125+ International, National and Marine certified service agencies will help troubleshoot your problem, identify the parts needed for repair or replacement and provide on-site assistance, if needed, to keep your kitchen operation running. Currently, Gaylord offers over 1,000 in-stock parts and can design and custom-engineer parts to meet specifications. 

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If repairs from a Certified Service Agent are not needed, you can purchase parts directly from our OEM parts providers directly. Both OEM parts providers offer parts identification but if you're not quite sure which part(s) you need you can reference Gaylord parts in our Parts Catalog.

Recommended Detergent and Odor Control

  • G-510EF
  • G-510ESP
  • GS-710E

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Gaylord’s National Service Network

All Certified Service Agents are required to train for the following certifications:

  • Gaylord Ventilator Product Line
  • Gaylord Ultima Vent Product Line (UV)
  • Gaylord Pollution Control Product Line (PCU)
  • Quencher Fire Protection System
  • Demand Control Ventilation System (DCV)

The following are Marine/Navy Certified Service Agents:

Company                                                       Location                   Phone              Fax                   Email                                              Website                                                            

Airways Cleaning & Fireproofing (G510EF)   Ft. Lauderdale, FL     954.792.1770   954.792.4642   tim@airwayscleaning.com              www.airwayscleaning.com

Air Cleaning Technology (G510EF)               Santa Ana, CA           714.641.5005   714.641.8503   sales@aircleaningtechnology.com www.aircleaningtechnology.com

Atlanta Ventilator Works                                Chamblee, GA            770.452.0468   770.936.9709   kevinballard40@gmail.com           

Commerical Service and Repair                    Seattle, WA                425.252.2997                            terry@csandr.net          

D.W. Boyd Corp. (Navy & Commercial)         Norfolk, VA                 757.423.2268   757.423.1868   dennis.boyd@dwboyd.com            www.dwboyd.com

Fire Extinguisher & Supply Co.                     New Orleans, LA        504.525.1926   504.566.0702   jarroyo1@bellsouth.net                 

Nelbud Services Group, Inc.                         Egg Harbor City, NJ    800.839.0832                            gaylordservice@nelbud.com          www.nelbud.com        

R. Carter & Associates Inc.                          Mobile, AL                 251-452-0152   251-457-7381     cholder@rcarter-inc.com

Shaban Inc.                                                  Guttenberg, NJ           201.902.0500   201.392.8343    info@shabaninc.com                      www.shabaninc.com

The Source                                                  Hampton, VA               757.825.1400   757.825.1202   janet.searls@thesource2000.com  www.thesource2000.com

The following are International Certified Service Agents:

Company                                                Location                                   Phone                 Fax                     Email                                        Website

Action Restaurant Equip Service Ltd.     Markham, Ontario Canada        905.475.1499       905.475.8931  (G-510EF) Distributor

Great West Comm Kitchen Repair           Alberta & Calgary, Canada        403.276.7832       403.230.5720      greatwest@telusplanet.net                              

Kolmer Installations Ltd (G510EF)          Brampton, Ontario, Canada      905.629.7963        905.791.2606                                  

Staybright Property Management           Vancouver, BC, Canada            778.997.5815                                    staybrightpropertyservices@gmail.com                             

Sunny Ng ITW FEG                                Shantin, Hong Kong                  852.93680091                                   sunny@hobart.hk                           

William Wong ITW FEG                          Shantin, Hong Kong                  852.2341.9315       852.2341.3914   william@hobart.com.hk                                    

Alfa Hospitality                                        Middle East, Africa & India        961.392.0145         413.812.7462     alfa@alfahospitalitygroup.com www.alfahospitalitygroup.com     

The Eslite Corporation                            Taipei, Taiwan                            866.2.503.7687      866.2.503.7797    nancyliao@eslite.com                    

Ventserv Limited                                     United Kingdom                         44.0.1227.779273  44.0.1227.281159  steve@ventserv.co.uk