ELXC Clean-In-Place Ventilators

ELXC Series utilizes Clean-in-Place wet technology, based upon our ELX platform, increases productivity and reduces risk for the end user.

Sound decibels are as much as 27% below others, reducing hearing fatigue and improving staff productivity and retention.

Gaylord also offers ELXC, a water wash ventilator built on our revolutionary ELX platform. Our clean-in-place wet technology automatically eliminates grease without having to remove, transport, wash and replace filters—increasing productivity and reducing risk.

The #1 reason for smoke loss in exhaust hoods is make up air!

Learn more about Gaylord Industries Capture Performance Guarantee.

The Science Behind ELX:

  • Rising – studied the naturally rising thermal plume vs. where we wanted it to go
  • Entering – developed a geometric hood configuration to maximize the natural energy
  • Returning – harnessed the energy of the rising plume to accelerate the air into the extractors
  • Holding – applied fluid dynamic laws to conserve energy by keeping air velocities high


Air Flow

CFM volumes are up to 37% lower than with other systems, so you can use smaller HVAC equipment that costs much less to buy and operate.

Static Pressure

Lower resistance up to 65% below others saves energy by reducing motor size and electrical loads.

Grease Extraction

Collection efficiencies as much as 33% higher than other systems reduce the amount of time and labor needed to clean ducts.


Exclusive to ELXC