Case Studies

Monday, January 6, 2020 - 16:30

Eliminator Case Study: Pier 17

Pier 17 is a four-story structure in the Seaport District, the entertainment complex project design included smoke, odor and design space challenges.

Why Eliminator?

  • Space is extremely valuable and was my #1 challenge because Pier 17 features a 65,000 square foot public assembly rooftop in which we were restricted from bringing any typical rooftop ventilation.

Project Challenges

  • The point of discharge is located within 15 feet of a public passageway but the Eliminator abates both smoke and odor ensuring it was the right product for this project!

Eliminator ROI

  • The long term cost of operation of the Eliminator penciled out when I modeled the upfront costs and the challenging project requirements.

About Pier 17

  • Pier 17 is a newly constructed four-story structure in the Seaport District and is designed to provide a dynamic food, drink, art, architecture, retail, and entertainment experiences that fosters community and engages the city’s denizens, year-round.

About David Kim

  • Consulting since 1998, David Kim worked with the Howard Hughes Corporation on the Pier 17 Catering Kitchen, was project manager for Jean Georges restaurant “The Fulton”, Momofuku and rooftop Restaurant at the Pier 17. He also was part of the Corso Como project in the Seaport District.

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