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EL Series

               ELX. Working with nature to achieve the
               lowest air volumes.
               By capturing and containing the natural thermal
               plume that rises from the cooking process, the ELX
               is able to achieve the lowest air volumes—without
               the costly fans, plenums, jets, side curtains and
               other devices that competing ventilation designs
               utilize. Plus, it features the best grease extraction*
               of any dry hood on the market.
                                                                   •  Grease extraction efficiencies using the optional
               •  Achieves the most energy savings and
                efficiency of any ventilation system available       XGS Extractor are up to 33% higher than other
                                                                     systems, reducing the time and labor needed to
               •  CFM airflow volumes are up to 31% lower than       clean ducts
                other systems, so you can use smaller HVAC
                equipment that costs much less to buy and operate  •  Ultraviolet option provides additional grease
                                                                     protection in longer duct runs and odor
               •  Noise levels are as much as 27% below others,      reduction at discharge
                reducing hearing fatigue and improving staff
                productivity                                       •  Balancing dampers are standard—fire dampers
                                                                     optional (fusible or thermostatic)
               •  Static pressure resistance up to 65% below
                others saves energy by reducing motor size and
                electrical loads                                   * Per VDI 2052

               EL. The light-duty hood that’s no lightweight.

               Offering the best air volumes over ovens and
               kettles, our new EL Series ventilator is a robust,
               cost-effective solution that’s ideal for a variety of
               light-duty applications. Based on performance
               and price, it’s simply the best light-duty hood
               you can buy.

               •  Super Capture™ lip on the front panel enhances   •  Balancing damper standard
                capture and containment
                                                                   •  Can be equipped with incandescent,
               •  Optional XGS High Efficiency Grease Extractor      fluorescent or high-efficiency LED lights
                significantly reduces duct cleaning and fire hazards
               •  Compatible with our smart read and react
                Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) system to
                deliver additional energy and fan savings, noise
     © 2013 Gaylord Industries    ELS-0113-22129  •  Optional 300 stainless steel construction for added • 800.547.9696
                reduction, increased occupant comfort and
                reduced wear on HVAC equipment

                durability, corrosion resistance and cleanliness
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