Page 4 - Gaylord Blue Book 2021
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EL Series

          THE GREATEST


          FOR THE LOWEST

          VOLUMES OF AIR.

                 Gaylord’s EL Series Ventilation Systems deliver the best air volume performance in the
                 industry. For cooking applications from extra heavy- to light-duty, our ELXC, ELX and EL
                 are all custom designed to boost efficiency, reduce costs and save energy.

                 ELXC. The ultimate in performance,
                 productivity and value.
                 The best-in-class ELXC harnesses the power of
                 nature to deliver the absolute lowest air volumes
                 available in any hood, anywhere. Unlike other
                 systems that rely on expensive mechanical
                 devices or excessive canopies, the ELXC utilizes
                 the energy produced naturally during cooking to
                 manage air—saving you energy, boosting
                 efficiency and reducing operating costs.

                 The ELXC also offers the industry’s best grease
                 extraction* with our Clean-In-Place technology     •  Static pressure resistance up to 65% below
                 that automatically eliminates grease without having    others saves energy by reducing motor size
                 to remove, transport, wash and replace filters—      and electrical loads
                 increasing productivity and reducing risk.
                                                                    •  Grease extraction collection efficiencies are up
                 •  Simple, automatic cleaning process yields much    to 33% higher than other systems, reducing the
                   more thorough results than manual efforts and      time and labor needed to clean ducts
                   means you never have to skip a cleaning
                                                                    •  Ultraviolet option provides additional grease
                 •  Uses up to 30% less water than other designs,     protection in longer duct runs and odor
                   reducing utility costs and saving energy           reduction at discharge
                 •  CFM airflow volumes are up to 49% lower         •  Balancing dampers are standard—fire dampers
                   than other systems, so you can use smaller         optional (fusible or thermostatic)
                   HVAC equipment that costs much less to buy
                   and operate

                 •  Noise levels are as much as 27% below
                   others, reducing hearing fatigue and improving
                   staff productivity                               * Per VDI 2052
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