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There’s one ingredient                     •  EL Series Ventilation — Our Eliminator pollution

                                                                    control ventilator and full line of light to extra
                        that’s important in every
                                                                    heavy-duty hoods are designed to boost efficiency,
                        kitchen: the air. Trust
                                                                    reduce costs and deliver the industry’s best air
                        Gaylord, the kitchen air                    volume performance

                        management specialists,                    •  Demand Control Ventilation — Our smart read and

                        to help boost productivity,                 react technology modulates when needed,

                        improve efficiency and                      as needed —saving energy and money

                        enhance your overall                       •  Gaylord Distributor™ Utility Distribution System

                                                                    —   An attractive, pre-engineered UDS unit that
                        working environment—all
                                                                    provides all required services to the cooking
                        while lowering your long-

                        term cost of operation.
                                                                   •  Pollution Control Units — From the manufacturer

                                                                    who’s been clearing the air longer than anyone

                                                                    else, the Eliminator pollution control ventilator and

                                                                    both of our ClearAir™ PCUs offer you three options
                                                                    to abate smoke and odor

                                                                   •  Premier Services — Everything to ensure that

                                                                    your requirements are always met, including our

                                                                    custom design team, 150+ factory-trained sales

                                                                    professionals and an extensive national network of
                                                                    service agencies to keep you up and running

                                                                  • 800.547.9696
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