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                    The XGS Extractor is up to 96% efficient
                    on particulate between 5 and 7 microns!

                                                                                  Maximizing  capture and containment,
                                                                                   minimizing fire hazards and creating a
                                                                                   safe and productive kitchen environment.

                                                                                   A  kitchen  that  produces  a  high  grease  volume  can’t
                                                                                   depend on an overtaxed baffle hood system. But it can
                                                                                   depend  on  the  Gaylord  XGS  High-Efficiency  Grease
                                                                                   Ordinary conversations range from 60-70dB, standard
                                                                                   commercial kitchen hoods vary from 65-75dB making
                                                                                   it difficult to hear in a professional kitchen but the XGS
                                                                                   hums at 55dB representing almost a 25% reduction in
                                                                                   hood noise over the competition.
                                                                                   Grease extraction so efficient, it’s patented. The XGS
                                                                                   Extractor  process  delivers  the  absolute  optimum
                                                                                   collection  efficiency  at  the  lowest  possible  pressure
                                                                                   drop by utilizing what’s known as “inertial impaction”.
                                                                                   The XGS Extractor accelerates the grease-laden vapor
                                                                                   and particulate, then “crashes” it into an impact plate.
   M                                                                               Collected material is moved off the impact plate and
            Reduced noise levels without sacrificing performance                   into  a  low  pressure  zone,  where  it  drains  out  of  the
   Y                                                                               system - Capture and Drain technology automatically
                         XGS Sound Production, dB(A)...                            airflow and efficient capture and containment.
   CM                                                                              isolates  extracted  grease  maintaining  consistent
                                                                                   Because the XG Extractor is so effective at collecting
                                                                                   grease and transporting that material out, clogging is
   CMY                                                                             prevented  and  airflow  is  not  disrupted.  The  XGS
                                                                                   Extractor is so efficient we had to increase our grease
                                                                                   cup to 64 ounces versus the competitors’ standard 8
                                                                                   ounce grease cup.
                                                                                   The XG extractor not only reduces grease, but it also
                                                                                   reduces costs. Better grease extraction means less
                                                                                   duct cleaning. See figure bottom left.

                                                                                                          10900 Southwest Avery Street
                                                                                                       Tualatin, OR 97062-8578    503.691.2010
                                                                                                          U.S. Patent N  8,157,894, B2
            Form No. XGS-1112-21831
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