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         Airflow control

         All oVer your kitchen.

         sAVings like neVer before.

                                                          3D Model Design, Dennis Martinez/revequip & 3D Visualization, Deep sky studios

                 efficient, cost-effective and easy to use, AirVantage revolutionizes the way airflow is managed
                 in your kitchen. AirVantage’s sensible heat-based system utilizes resistance temperature
                 detectors (rtDs) mounted in hood canopies to detect heat with improved accuracy and
                 speed. its flexible design takes our smart read and react Demand control Ventilation (DckV)
                 technology to the next level. AirVantage is the perfect energy-saving solution to control airflow
                 and create a more comfortable kitchen environment.

                 it features a state-of-the-art learning function that auto-calibrates airflow for each hood based
                 on sensible heat temperature readings of kitchen zones—providing airflow when you need it,
                 where you need it. As an industry leader in energy savings technology, gaylord’s AirVantage
                 fulfills multiple energy and green building requirements, including AshrAe 90.1 and 189,
                 california’s title 24 and international energy conservation codes.
                 experience the unmatched value of AirVantage with extended equipment life cycle, increased
                 energy savings and decreased operating costs.

                 with AirVantage’s flexible design, gaylord’s kitchen air management specialists have the
                 expertise to determine the best solution for your project requirements. both systems can
                 reduce airflow to as low as 30% of original design, with fan energy savings of 25–70%
                 and overall airflow savings of 10–50% depending on system design.

                 AirVantage options include:

                 •  Dampered system—offers optimized savings and efficiencies using modulating dampers
                   for multiple hood/single fan operations (DcV-AV)

                 •  non-dampered system—offers great value and performance for single hood/single fan
                   operations (DcV-AVnD)
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