ELXC Clean-In-Place Ventilators

ELXC Clean-In-Place Ventilators

Gaylord also offers ELXC, a water wash ventilator built on our revolutionary new ELX platform. This clean-in-place wet technology automatically eliminates grease without having to remove, transport, wash and replace filters—increasing productivity and reducing risk.

The #1 reason for smoke loss in exhaust hoods is make up air!

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The Science Behind ELX:

  • Rising – studied the naturally rising thermal plume vs. where we wanted it to go
  • Entering – developed a geometric hood configuration to maximize the natural energy
  • Returning – harnessed the energy of the rising plume to accelerate the air into the extractors
  • Holding – applied fluid dynamic laws to conserve energy by keeping air velocities high

Exclusive to ELXC:

  • Ease of Cleaning – Simple, automatic process yields much more thorough results than manual efforts and means you never have to skip a cleaning
  • Water Conservation – Uses up to 24% less water than other designs, reducing utility costs and saving energy
  • Air Flow – CFM volumes are up to 37% lower than with other systems, so you can use smaller HVAC equipment that costs much less to buy and operate.
  • Grease Extraction – Collection efficiencies as much as 33% higher than other systems reduce the amount of time and labor needed to clean ducts.
  • Static Pressure – Lower resistance up to 65% below others saves energy by reducing motor size and electrical loads.
  • Noise Levels – Sound decibels are as much as 27% below others, reducing hearing fatigue and improving staff productivity and retention.
Application Model
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EL, ELX & ELXC Series Energy Efficient Solutions
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XGS Extractor

XGS Extractor

  ELX Spec Sheet
Wall Canopy
Single Island or Cafeteria Style
Double Island Style
Wall Canopy with UVi
Double Island Style with UVi
Control Cabinet


Make Up Air Plenum Box
Make-Up Air Plenum Box
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