Now you're always ready for big savings.

All hoods are now manufactured DCV-Ready, a post installation energy-saving option.

Gaylord's custom ventilation solutions are designed to enhance indoor air quality, boost efficiency and reduce operational costs in the most demanding kitchens. To make our innovative, cost-effective hoods even better, we're adding a new feature DCV—Readiness.

Every Gaylord hood will feature Demand Control Autostart—so your EL, ELX or ELXC series hood will have the option to provide the energy-efficient features that consultants and end users value, standard. Learn more about rebates and incentives available in your area.

Plus, every standard Gaylord hood is designed to meet California Title 24 requirements.



Reduces the supply and exhaust air volume to lower overall energy costs; just a 20% reduction in airflow volume can yield 45–50% in annual fan energy savings


With multiple sensors inside the hood, our system is able to measure sensible heat coming off the cooking line with greater accuracy than the competition


Turns on only when cooking operations are detected and shuts off once cooking operations has cooled



Brochures, Spec Sheets & Additional Resources

DCV-Ready Spec Sheet