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Formula G-510EF

Multi-purpose cleaner ideal for tough clean-up jobs.

Formula G-510EF is the only cleaner recommended by Gaylord Industries for use in the wash down system of Gaylord ventilators. Formula G-510EF is a concentrated colloid cleaner specially formulated to remove the daily accumulation of grease inside the Ventilator without damaging the rubber and synthetic parts of the solenoid valves and the detergent pumping system. Formula G-510EF is safe for kitchen personnel and has a variety of uses.

Formula G-510EF, low foam and earth-friendly, is registered with the U.S. EPA’s Design for the Environment Program (DfE) which seeks to promote the use of institutional cleaners and maintenance products with improved environmental and human health characteristics.

Information about this Product/SDS Sheet

To Order G-510EF contact your local Certified Service Agent (G510EF)

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Formula G-510ESP

Cleaner and degreaser designed specifically for electrostatic precipitators.

G-510ESP is a concentrated professional strength formula that will decrease the amount of soak time and extend the time between regularly scheduled maintenance when cleaned and maintained properly. G-510ESP formula contains a flocculent/sequestrate blend that reduces scale buildup and assists with the removal of pre-existing Silica scale in wash down systems.

G510ESP contains no:

  • Nonylphenol
  • Phosphate
  • Nitrates

Information about this Product/SDS Sheet

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