AirVantage   DCV-Ready


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Gain airflow control all over your kitchen and savings like never before.

Efficient, cost-effective and easy to use, AirVantage revolutionizes the way airflow is managed in your kitchen. AirVantage's sensible heat-based system utilizes resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) mounted in hood canopies to detect heat with improved accuracy and speed. Its flexible design takes our smart read and react Demand Control Ventilation (DCKV) technology to the next level. AirVantage is the perfect energy-saving solution for to control airflow and create a more comfortable kitchen environment. Design options include dampered, non-dampered, and SmartAir VAV solutions to meet your project requirements.

Energy StarAirVantage was awarded the 2015 Energy Star Emerging Technology Award for rigorous performance criteria set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to reduce energy use and lower greenhouse gas emissions.  Experience the unmatched value of AirVantage, with extended equipment life cycle, increased energy savings and decreased operating costs. Learn more about rebates and incentives available in your area.

  • Ability to reduce airflow as low as 30% of original design, and depending on the system design, reduce fan energies by 25–70% in order to generate overall airflow savings of 10–50%
  • Easy-to-read/operate touch control panel provides runtime data for energy and operational savings on screen or for USB download
  • Robust and maintenance-friendly RTDs measure the difference in sensible heat by zone, not just one piece of equipment
  • Canopy light management
  • Precise replacement air control regulates building pressurization
  • RS485 BACnet/IP and analog feedback for detailed systems monitoring
  • Connects to the fire alarm system for safety

Exclusive Damper System Features (DCV-AV):

  • Unique damper optimization enhances airflow, minimizes exhaust volumes and maintains capture and containment, providing optimal energy savings in multiple zones simultaneously
  • System self-calibrates damper airflow for each hood daily

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  • Smart—Provides airflow when you need it, where you need it with a state-of-the-art learning function that auto-calibrates airflow for each hood based on the sensible heat temperature readings of multiple kitchen zones
  • Efficient—Ensures optimal energy savings while fulfilling multiple energy and green building requirements, including ASHRAE 90.1 and 189, California’s Title 24 and International Energy Conservation codes
  • Uncomplicated—Single fan/multiple hood or single fan/single hood demand control ventilation system allows for control of the kitchen using one easy-to-read/operate touch control panel
  • Streamlined—Pre-programmed for easy system startup with service alerts available on touch screen control panel to communicate filter maintenance and technician service when required
  • Compliant—Satisfies International Mechanical Code 507.2.1.1

Now you're always ready for big savings.


Gaylord's custom ventilation solutions are designed to enhance indoor air quality, boost efficiency and reduce operational costs in the most demanding kitchens. To make our innovative, cost-effective hoods even better, we're adding a new feature DCV—Readiness.

Every Gaylord hood will feature Demand Control Autostart—so your EL, ELX or ELXC series hood will have the option to provide the energy-efficient features that consultants and end users value, standard. Learn more about rebates and incentives available in your area.

Plus, every standard Gaylord hood is designed to meet California Title 24 requirements.


When DCV is enabled:

  • Smart—reduces the supply and exhaust air volume to lower overall energy costs; just a 20% reduction in airflow volume can yield 45–50% in annual fan energy savings
  • Read—with multiple sensors inside the hood, our system is able to measure sensible heat coming off the cooking line with greater accuracy than the competition
  • React—turns on only when cooking operations are detected and shuts off once cooking operations has cooled


  • Modulates fan speed based on cooking temperature, measured by robust, strategically placed resistance temperature sensors
  • Complies with International Mechanical Code 507.2.1.1
  • Galyord's national network of experienced and certified technicians can service Demand Control Ventilation in accordance with existing building codes and standards