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  Gaylord Custom Designs

Differentiate your operation and welcome guests with decorative facings featuring handcrafted architectural metals to showcase your restaurant. Our design team collaborates with you to create innovative hoods—crafted for your specific needs and requirements—featuring your unique shape, size, color or ornamental presentation. Click here to view a presentation of Gaylord's Custom Design Hoods and visit Rimex Metals and Tufcoat to view available finishes.  All custom-designed hoods comply fully with recognized codes and safety standards.

Gaylord manufactures a complete line of kitchen exhaust hoods and associated equipment custom engineered to meet your design and budget. As a standard, we provide you with complete design and engineering services. We consult with you on the design, the installation, and the operation of your kitchen ventilation system, delivering outstanding assistance throughout the process.

  • The kitchen ventilation system we design with you will be based on efficiency, convenience, durability and productivity. It will utilize our technical engineering expertise, the highest quality fabrication and support from our experienced sales and service team
  • Super Capture™ enhances capture performance, reduces hood noise and results in the lowest exhaust volumes in the industry, as third-party tested to ASTM 1704-09 by the Food Service Technology Center. Our Capture Performance Guarantee warrants the capture performance of the ventilator by following the guidelines to ensure proper capture and containment at the ventilator
  • Our kitchen air management specialists can provide the best solutions for energy savings, labor optimization, space utilization and operational and capital savings
  • We provide complete, in-depth code assistance during all phases of a project, from design to installation, to comply with recognized codes including UL Listed, ETL Listed, NSF Listed and all requirements of NFPA-96. IMC Code Compliance including UL Standard 710, IMC Standards, NFPA-96, VDI-2052, UMC, BOCA, SBCCI Mechanical codes, ASTM 1704-09 Capture and Containment Test Standard and ASTM 2519-2005 Grease Extraction Standard

Our solutions include:

  • Capture Performance Guarantee
  • Innovative technology
  • Custom engineering
  • Superior quality
  • Extensive customer support
  • Advancing Commercial Kitchen Ventilation environments (low hood noise, air quality, energy savings, etc.)


  Factory-Trained Sales Representatives

Gaylord's 150+ factory-trained sales professionals understand the importance of being responsive throughout the specification, production and installation process; ultimately ensuring foodservice operator requirements are always met. Gaylord's sales reps:

  • Provide the highest level of professionalism, product knowledge, salesmanship and technical support—many have training centers, test kitchens and certified chefs on staff
  • Belong to industry organizations such as Manufacturers' Agents Association for the Foodservice Industry (MAFSI)
  • Complete continuing education programs for industry certifications (i.e., CFSP and CPMR)
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  National Service Network

Gaylord's Parts and Service Department provides the ultimate in customer service and the best possible solutions for your needs. We will help troubleshoot your problem, identify the parts needed for repair or replacement and provide on-site assistance, if needed. Gaylord offers over 1,000 in-stock parts and can design and custom-engineer parts to meet specifications.

More than 125 International, National and Marine certified service agencies are available to provide outstanding customer support installing, maintaining and servicing your equipment and keeping your kitchen operation running.

All of our Certified Service Agents are required to train for the following certifications:

  1. Gaylord Ventilator Product Line
  2. Gaylord Ultima Vent Product Line (UV)
  3. Gaylord Pollution Control Product Line (PCU)
  4. Quencher Fire Protection System
  5. Demand Control Ventilation System (DCV)
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